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personal branding for entrepreneurs

Your headshot is the spiritual logo of the founder. We don’t merely generate headshots but an Art of Headshots, which is photographed differently, with passion, observation and a meticulous system aimed toward realizing a portrait that will ignite smiles from your loved ones and interest from those who don’t know you yet.

Starting this Fall, we will be providing a unique product called Video Bio presented by Jessica Coulthard aimed at igniting a message for your captive audience between 1 to 3 minutes, making it easy for them to understand the essence of one’s brand.

I am an entrepreneur building a social enterprise that is both profitable and helpful to the community at large. We care about our clients, but we are also a family with all of our current and future photographers. We aim to provide the highest value out of any portrait studio on the planet while acknowledging those who work with us through our sensible business system.

Ignited Entrepreneurs Interview for Success

Jessica Coulthard of Ignited Entrepreneurs interviews Art of Headshots CEO Carlos about headshots

Everyone has a personal brand, whether they know or don’t know it. We make purchasing decisions depending on what we perceive our own brand to be and our perception of other brands. Ultimately we want to purchase products that fit our set of values. My wife wears her LuluLemons with pride while I am a Bay Day kind of person. She is proud of aligning herself with the urban and yoga vibe of Lululemon while I take pride in my sensible and frugal buying habits of Bay days.

Jessica Coulthard is an expert at enhancing personal branding for entrepreneurs to a new level through an interview process aimed at bringing out one’s best. Unfold your brand with Jessica Coulthard through her coaching services.

How to formulate Personal branding for entrepreneurs

The following are eight ways for sharing one’s personal brand identity; know yourself, values, strengths, past, present and future, branding headshots, video bio, social media, and create partnerships with brands and individuals with shared values.

1. Know yourself

    Often, I watch a video of sales types trying to sell things on Facebook, and its way too easy to know that these were amateurs improvising ideology that comes from other people. Look at some of the most influential personal brands out there, Oprah, Trump, Gandhi and Marylin Monroe. You may like or dislike these people but understand them because they were real.

    2. Values

      Define your value system to the core of who you are and not someone else’s? Consider the three celebrities mentioned earlier, who do they match? “I have always been greedy, let me be greedy for you…” Gandhi, Trump or Marilyn? ” The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is an attribute of the strong.” Gandhi, Trump or Marilyn? “A Girl doesn’t need anyone who doesn’t need her,” Gandhi, Trump or Marilyn? Be true to yourself, and others will be inspired.

      3. Strengths

         Identify your strengths, power and qualities.

        4. Past, present and future

          Clearly define your past experiences such as education or life experience that has led you to the present and will transform the future you see for yourself and the community in which you live. Your mission and vision.

          5. Branding Headshots

            A branding headshot is, as mentioned earlier, the logo of your soul—the easiest way to share one’s personal brand.

            6. Video Bio

              A video bio by a professional like Jessica will help people understand your story, mission and vision.

              7. Social Media

                Know that you know yourself and have definite values, strengths a mission and vision, headshots and a video bio. Share it with the World on Social media via Facebook, LinkedIn and professional sites in your field of expertise.

                8. Create Partnership with Brands and individuals with shared values

                  Post-COVID 19 has been the year where we see this in a much deeper way where some people do not feel safe until a vaccine is found while others think its all a hoax. The intensity of both sides is equally as passionate – who will you align yourself with?

                  The First Simple Rule to Branding And Marketing Anything

                  Personal branding for entrepreneurs involves many interconnected parts. However no brand will stand the test of time without following Seth Godin’s first simple rule. Learn more from Seth Godin

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