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Scotty Grabb

I am a professional photographer and principal for Art of Headshots ( ), our blog is dedicated to all things portrait headshots.

Today’s topic is the need of a headshot photographer?  Which is our specialty and we believe it to be an integral part for today’s modern branding ways.

Consider Scotty Grabb, a Man of integrity hard work and a family Man.  Did I need to say it?  Or did you get all that and much more simply by looking at his Headshot image?

Need a Headshot?  If you don’t have a headshot you are missing the most valuable type of communication.  Speaking to the sub-conscious mind, building a relationship, offering a piece of yourself.

A headshot, portrait, picture, self photo or whatever you call it, is integral for messaging who we are in our modern marketing e.g; twitter, facebook, linkedin, google, yahoo, blogs, websites and the latest and newest Pin It.

Hire a photographer or agency that is dedicated to Headshots, look at their portfolio, and see the plethora of images and if most of them gravitate a response, you can be assured that your  image will have a similar influence on your potential audience.

Be careful of hiring a photographer that offers a number of services, such as Weddings, Architectural photragraphy, pet images as they may not have the necessary proficiency or passion to provide you with the desired outcome.

Feel free to contact me with your questions or to schedule a presentation on The Art of Headshots .

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Art of Headshots specializes in corporate and professional headshots for websites, social media like LinkedIn, and advertising. We have over 13 years of experience guiding you into authentic and professional portraits.

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