Love to love you baby… Donna Summer

A tribute to Donna Summer

With a little sense of guilt and remorse I blog about Donna Summer and her 1975 Hit, “Love to Love you Baby”.

As a little boy of six in 1975 it was my favorite song, I loved to love, “Love to Love you baby”.  But when I became a teenager in the 80’s all things seventies were considered cheesy.  Certainly, it seemed social suicide listening to “Disco Queen”.  Eighties loved to hate, “Love to love you baby”.

I had forgotten just how wonderful this tune is, was…  Until today when I read that we lost, Donna Summer due to cancer at 63.  

I Love to Love You, Donna Summer…   I am sorry to have been influenced by the anti-disco era of the 80’s and forgotten your great tune.  Rest in peace, and thank you for your tremendous & majestic sound, “love to love you baby”.  Tonight, I challenge my readers to listen to “Love to Love you baby”, while loving.

Kindly yours,


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