Loosing files and photography

May 26, 2010


Saving Files

I don’t personally know anyone more qualified to write an article about the price of loosing files…

In 2007 I lost files that included clients weddings, and have not forgiven myself or have been forgiven by some clients.

As an outcome I shut down my company and didn’t photograph for years following the incident and will not photograph a Wedding, again.

With Art of Headshots we have added a few provisional plans which includes my website provider photoshelter that archives all of my files in New York and Los Angeles.

Am still waiting for the opportunity to redeem myself towards those clients affected by this tragic loss. Waiting for profitability to get my integrity back, by paying anyone affected by the loss of vidaphoto.

Do not trust your hard drive, no matter how good it has worked. If you are a professional photographer consider using Photoshelter.com. Also be aware of subjective reports written in


Carlos Taylhardat

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