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It’s a pride to support our clients to realize their dreams.  Today I received an email from one of my dear clients ( by the way all my thousand plus clients are dear to me – minus three ).

“Hi Carlos, I’ve been thinking of you. Take a look at the trailer of the documentary around the 48 second mark.. You will see ‘our’ headshot!

Warm regards…”

For the production video to showcase – Push International Performing Arts Festival auditions, my esteemed clients headshot was the chosen image.  Considering that they could have picked a headshot from an anspiring performer from any city such as Philadelphia, but instead they chose my client in Vancouver…  Thank you for the unintended compliment.

By the way it isn’t too late to enter?

Performance dater as as follows;

January 24: 1PM & 4PM

January 25: 1Pm & 4PM

30 minutes – No tickets – its FREE, outside rain or shine

Venue: Queen Elizabeth Theatre Plaza, 650 Hamilton Street, Vancouver.

Presented by PuSh International Performing Arts FestivalRoundhouse Community Arts & Recreation Centre and Scotia Dance Centre

Montreal-based choreographer Sylvain Émard of Sylvain Émard Dansehas brought joy to audiences from Portland to Mexico; now it’s Vancouver’s turn to shine. Émard auditioned community dancers from across Vancouver for a chance to be part of a massive public dance. Chances are you’ll know one of the performers, or you yourself are one! Le Grand Continental® combines elements of traditional line dancing with contemporary dance, and the mix is infectious, taking the spirit of old-fashioned communal dance and bringing it up to date. The choreography is a delight to behold, complex enough to wow spectators but still infused with the spirit of catharsis and fun. The result is a huge, joyful convergence of energy, with a mass of people coming together over humanity’s universal languages: music and movement. A pleasure to be part of and a beauty to behold, this will be one of the key civic events of the year. See you there!

“The roar from hundreds of spectators went from loud to deafening as the choreographed dance began to take energetic life with full- body gestures and synchronized shouts. It left the audience cheering for more.”
—The Philadelphia Inquirer

Other Note:

https://www.facebook.com/pushfestival – “DAY 4 and we’re already saying goodbye to CHRISTEENE at Club PuSh, but welcoming Grace Schwindt’s Only a Free Individual can Create a Free Society at Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver, as well as celebrating the return of HUMAN LIBRARY. Check out all the events on today!”

Also in their facebook page is” What did you think of Les 7 doigts de la main, last night? The SEQUENCE 8 box office at the Vancouver Playhouse will be open 2 hours before show time to ensure ticket collection in time for the show.”

To find more information about push one can pick up a copy of Georgia Straight since they made the cover of the newspaper this week.  http://www.straight.com/arts/811036/georgia-straight-guide-push-international-performing-arts-festival-2015

In the Georgia Straight preview of PuSh International Performing Arts Festival, dance meets home science experiments, circus takes a new twist, and a stage turns split-screen.

Le Grand Continental celebrating dance and performers with a little help from Art of Headshots.


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