Jurassic World changing the World for movie goers

Jurassic World has become one of the biggest blockbusters of all time with a record smashing opening week earning $296 million beating the Avengers’ $270 million three years ago, becoming the fastest movie to reach a billion dollars mark.  Which is great for investors and a tragedy for movie goers wanting fresh instead of formulaic scripts.

Why would investors’ gamble dollars in creative content when comic books on the big screen and re-created block buster’s are trillion of dollars profitable?  Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow believes that there is a natural conflict between the filmmakers and the the studio.  Star Wars creator George Lucas once felt the same way about the studios, but has sold Lucas film to Walt Disney creating a different outcome for him than that of his characters.

An all time low for movie goers, marking formulaic script lesson, don’t write, don’t create simply re-create what has already been done.  Other blockbuster’s re-creation include “The Avengers”,  “Furious 7” and “Star Wars” all becoming blockbuster success for investor’s and a tragedy for movie goers.  Personally, I slept for most of “Furious 7” that was filled with thrilling moments that were formulaic, juvenile and simply uninteresting allowing my mind shut off and take advantage of the remaining time for much needed sleep.

Consider the following sci-fi movie preview’s for 1982, wow.

A sharp contrast in contrast to today’s science fiction billion dollar blockbusters challenging the mindless without creative content.  While I will be watching “Star Wars” and feeling remorseful for the orchestrated trillion dollars industry.  We know that Jurassic World changed our World today and we can count on every great movie of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s to be re-created.  “God Father” role played by Brad Pitt instead of Marlon Brando or possibly a “Casablanca” starting Leonardo DiCaprio.








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