I want to know who rules our World?

I want to know who rules our World? Does anybody know who? Is it one person, a family, a collection of people?Yes, my blog is about headshots and photography. So why am I writing about the ruler of the World? Because it’s my blog and I can write about anything that interests me, can’t I?

I know the answer to my question is not a president, prime minister or a royal leader. My argument is that the most remembered and popular president in United States was in office for half a term, more than 50 years ago. He was well remembered not because of his intelligence, his moral acumen, or his great abilities; I don’t even think it was because he was assassinated. It wasn’t even because he did something beyond what an average moral person with great leadership would have done given the same situation.

Yet, he was more innovative in two years than the sum of his predecessors were in 50 years. He did not answer to whoever rules our World.

You probably guessed that I am talking about Kennedy. Kennedy was financed by his father and didn’t need endorsements; therefore he did not need permission by those ruling our World before making presidential decision. His father was extremely wealthy and financed his campaign. No president since has been so fortunate. They might have had an equal, or even greater, set of values, talent and principals. But they were not allowed to make decisions without the permission to whoever rules our World.

“My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” – John F. Kennedy

“I want to know who rules the World?” is not a search query found on Google. In a World of 7 billion people, am I the only person wondering who rules our World?

If you disagree with me about somebody that is not publicly known ruling our World, please look around. Take a ten minute walk in any direction and you will see electric stations but no electric cars. Who made this ruling? Electric stations are in every modern city around the World, before electric cars have become a common vehicle? We only have three models of electric cars: a Toyota, a Nissan and a Tesla; yet there are new stations for electric cars being built all around us.

Pick up a newspaper and read articles on the Middle East. You will read the same stories: people fighting for freedom of tyranny, suicide bombers and martyrs. That was happening 10 years ago, but now that we have electric power vehicles on the horizon: THEY ARE BAD GUYS.

Yesterday, I watched an Entrepreneur selling a device that will shut down all the cameras watching us in front of our laptops, computers or any SMART device ( send more artificial reproductive technology ).  Please let me know who has the power to look through any device around the World to watch us, anywhere and everywhere?

I want to know who rules the World?




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