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How to Choose a Headshot Photographer

10 Tips for Choosing the Right Headshot Photographer

When it comes to headshot photography, proficiency with a digital camera is just the tip of the iceberg. Good lighting and exposure are foundational, but the real magic lies in the connection between the photographer and the subject. Here are ten essential tips to consider when choosing a headshot photographer:

  1. Know the Specialization: Just as there are genres in literature and film, photography has its specialized fields too – be it commercial, event, architectural, or wedding photography. It’s vital to choose a photographer well-versed in the nuances of headshots.

  2. Understand Their Approach: A product photographer might excel at showcasing inanimate objects but might miss the subtleties of human emotion – a critical component of compelling headshots.

  3. Beware of Misplaced Expertise: Don’t be swayed just because someone is a skilled wedding or product photographer. I’ve often had to reshoot headshots for clients who mistakenly thought their product or wedding photographer could easily transition to headshots.

  4. Know Their Delivery System: Wedding and family portrait photographers sometimes operate by retaining image files, upselling prints later. For professional headshots, you’ll want immediate access to digital files. Always ask about their delivery process.

  5. Optimized Files are Essential: Ensure that the photographer provides you with files optimized for both web and social media, as well as a separate version suitable for print. Remember, the requirements for online and print images differ in terms of size, cropping, and finish.

  6. Thoroughly Examine Their Portfolio: When browsing through a company’s headshot portfolio, ensure there’s a consistent style or theme. A portfolio with only a few images might indicate a lack of experience or versatility.

  7. Style Matters: Some photographers excel at vibrant color palettes and set designs, while others master the art of capturing raw emotion. Decide which approach resonates more with you.

  8. Attention to Detail: A photographer who’s adept at capturing emotion might overlook a wrinkled shirt, focusing instead on genuine expressions. In contrast, a set designer might prioritize aesthetics over interactions.

  9. Transparent Pricing: Be cautious of agencies or photographers who might levy hidden charges for providing you with your image files.

  10. Post-production and Styles: Tune in tomorrow when we delve deeper into the intricacies of post-production and the different stylistic approaches in headshot photography.

In conclusion, while technical expertise is essential in a headshot photographer, it’s their ability to connect, communicate, and bring out the best in you that truly sets them apart. Choose wisely!

Reviews and Portfolio

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Look at the portfolio and reviews of your potential photographer.  Does he or she have the ability to consistently capture the same style of hundreds of clients?  What are his or her reviews?  

When choosing your photographer one should define how vital is your career.  How important is your brand and what do you want to represent?


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