Headshots Vancouver Congratulates our Canucks

I know we are all Canuck’s fans here in Vancouver. Most of us watched last night game with a sense of awe, jittery tension, and felt relief and excitement with Alex Burrows final goal!

Could not help but to notice something that has me concerned about our chances of success, it seemed to me that the team overall is emotional and not relaxed. Hope that the management is keeping the players calm.
Consider Luongo minutes before the game, his head was shaking and he looked more like a man going into battle rather than a professional hockey player…. How we shot so many times to the net but couldn’t execute… Our mistakes… Its an emotional team filled with fear, rather than calm and confident.
Hope to see the team play in a relax manner, so mistakes are not being made – its just my opinion about how the Canucks can succeed towards the goal of earning the Stanley Cup.


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