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Douglas Anderson ( DA )

Yesterday during a networking breakfast I was asked by an associate to critique his headshot image.  I looked at it and knew exactly what to say, but did not know how to say it?

His Portrait was flawless, great lighting, dark grey background, he dressed as a young business professional should…  A nice smile, everything was fine – except that there was no soul behind the image.  He was simply a subject matter.

“I was the Headshots Photographer for this image”, my associate said.  ” I set my camera for the timer to shoot, I am a videographer and have all the equipment”.

Now, I was forced to tell him the truth…  “A Headshots Photographer isn’t much about photography but more about people.  You look fine, its professional, I just don’t see you, your soul, your personality & intelligence.  It is an image but not a portrait that builds relationships”.

Headshots Photographers, are people astute towards their clients story and experiences revealing an image that captures essence.  Not a picture with a vacant smile or nice clothing, but a sense of the person being photographed.

Look at the image of DA, what do you see?  Can you relate or almost hear his story in this image taken a couple of months ago?  I clicked the shutter following his disclosure of an experience where he protected a friend in Junior High, from being bullied.

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