What NOT to do before your Headshot Session

December 12, 2014

Every now and then, we end up having to re-schedule a headshot session. Clients sometimes prepare themselves for their headshot session in ways that don’t serve them. Here are the top five ways you can avoid having to avoid the hassle of a “retake”.

Rule 1: NO STRESS!

Perhaps you feel that you have never photographed well. Maybe you learned growing up that posing for a camera just isn’t your thing. Whatever the reason, you may have a somewhat negative association with having your picture taken.

Being photographed by a professional photographer, someone who is a master with the camera and who has outstanding social skills, is an entirely different experience than working with your wedding photographer, your yearbook photographer, or your enthusiastic friends. At Art of Headshots, we focus on illuminating “your beautiful energy” and capturing that in great portraits.

Art of Headshots for FacebookRule 2: NO PRACTICE POSES IN FRONT OF THE MIRROR

Practice doesn’t always make perfect. Regardless of what some bloggers may say, practicing poses in the mirror won’t help you. It will actually make it harder for you to be authentic and natural in front of the camera.

Casting directors often advise actors to “not act” in their headshots. This applies equally to corporate headshots. Ideally, you want to emphasize your uniqueness and your versatility, without locking yourself into a stiff or artificial position. The idea here is to capture your true personality in a naturally compelling way.


We recommend instead that you pick a few images of poses that you like and discuss these with your photographer. Let them do the work of capturing you in a great pose–without posing. 


We are photographing YOU–not your clothing. Unless there is a good reason for it, stay away from loud colors and patterns, as well as a plethora of layers.

Art of Headshots beautiful clients


Clothes that have never been worn lack authenticity. They do not reflect who you are yet. They do not carry your “beautiful energy”. Bring an assortment of your actual and favourite items instead of clothes with price tags still on them.


This is not the time to undergo surgery (plastic or otherwise), change your hair color or get your first professional headshave. Arriving with a fever, rash, or hated look will not make your session enjoyable or give you results you can be proud of.

Bottom line: bring “your beautiful energy”.

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