Clint Eastwood

36913, MAUI, HAWAII - Wednesday January 13 2010. Director Clint Eastwood brings his latest movie 'Hereafter' to Maui. Crew for the movie closed down one of Maui's top tourist destinations, the old town of Lahiana on the island's west side, and turned it into a Indonisian street for a scene echoing the devastating 2004 tsunami. French actress Cecile De France could be seen running from the tsunami while Clint was working his magic behind the lens. The movie, which is only due to shoot on Maui for 3 days, follows the lives of three people affected by death in different ways. Photograph: Will Binns,

Clint Eastwood

I have been photographing people for more than 20 years, actors, business owners, musician up and comers. But as a capturer of people, it would be an honor to photograph my favorite movie star, Clint Eastwood.

While I can complement most of his movies and some more than others, I do have a favorite movie to mention. Not many people have watched this movie, it was a tremendous performance by Clint Eastwood and the cast. Beguiled, see if you can find it at a rental store.


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