Choosing a Digital Camera – Part (3)

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We discussed – does size matter and automatic vs manual abilities. So far my advice is to buy a camera that allows you to control settings, and I also recommended not to worry about the amount pixels in the sensor.

For my last advice in choosing a camera try to imagine your favorite car a BMW, Lamborghini, Mercedes, Porsche it could even be a Toyota. Imagine the features that are important to you, it could be comfort, smoothness, power and speed or it could just be fuel economy.

Now try to imagine all your desires included in this vehicle, but the manufacturer decided to cut corners by replacing the regular wheels with wooden horse carriagewheels. How fast would you go?

No matter how good the vehicle is, you can’t go anywhere unless you have adequate wheels. Lenses have the same affect in camera’s – what is the point of purchasing a pocket digital camera that has a dinosaur of sensor and promises all sort of capabilities but a tiny dirty and milky lens is between the subject matter and the computer in your camera.

Whether you are a pro or an enthusiast, lens is an area that should never be ignored as images are depended on the lenses interpretation.

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