Carlos Alberto Taylhardat

Carlos Alberto Taylhardat is my Father, my Hero, my Best Friend and a dynamic human being.

Born in Sta. Marta, Colombia – June 6, 1921 Venezuelan nationality with part of his youth in Italy.
My Father was a Naval Captain and a Diplomat, and has participated in many of the historical events revolving Venezuela’s history throughout the last 50 yrs.
My Father is known for many attributes, his adventures, his luck, charm and successful careers.
But what I admire the most about Carlos Taylhardat ( my Father ), is his Spirit and optimism. While I can write a text book on optimism by following his life experiences. I will simply write about his last experience…
Last year my Father suffered a stroke that had left him paralyzed. He later explained that out of all his experiences, being paralyzed and incapacitated was the most difficult situation to overcome.
He had overcome assassination attempts, being shot in the back of the head, imprisoned, WWII in Italy, the first war in Iraq and much more.
Somehow at a few days shy of 90 yrs old he manages to surprise all doctors and slowly recover. Eventually returning all motor skills to the left side and face. It must have been his optimism and surviving candor that kept him alert and present.
While my Fathers two extremely successful careers ending as a Naval Captain and Ambassador, his contribution to the Venezuelan History, notoriety, good looks and other attributes are commendable. I admire his spirit the most – the intangible spirit and demeanor. That spirit has made him a memorable personality, strong and young.
Looking forward to celebrating your 90th birthday in Venezuela this June 6th, 2011. Hope you wait for us.
Carlos A. Taylhardat
( Ringo )


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