Canadians Exploit Immigrants

September 9, 2011

Dear Art of Headshtos readers,

Today I am sharing a little bit about my life as a response to a linked in conversation that has interested a great deal of people…  I am looking forward to your comments…

 We Canadians value political correctness and say great things. The truth is that we exploit Immigrants – YES, we do exploit immigrants. But what is the alternative? We can’t allow everyone in? We are one of the most desired places to live! 
Carlos Taylharda aka. Ringo

I remember lining up 18 hrs to apply for Immigration to Canada. I also remember becoming a Canadian many years later, and am proud to have become a Canadian. It took me 15 yrs to & more than half of my life – becoming a Canadian is one of my greatest achievements. 

Prior to applying for Immigration, I was the Son of a diplomat, had lived everywhere and did not belong anywhere. Born in USA and denied citizenship because my Father was a diplomat at time of my birth, grew up in Portugal as a Child but was not Portuguese and moved to Canada in my early teen age years. By the time I was in my twenties, I was a Canadian only in mind and spirit. Being the Son of a Diplomat, did not qualify me for Immigration – I overcame the impossible, without money, connections or being part of any of the immigration guidelines. 

I am a proud Canadian & conquered our complicated and difficult immigration process. 

I don’t have answers about the best approach… I feel empathy for new immigrants being exploited, I do believe that we have to make immigration decisions that benefits Canadians, living in Canada. Therefore, I will say yes to Immigrants taking positions that regular Canadians don’t want for a period of time. But, once they have passed all requirements, they will become a Canadian – all Canadians have the same rights. The immigrant pays dues for 3 yrs, some more because they may have to re-educate. Immigration is like a University, and becoming Canadian is the degree.

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