Best Mother’s Day Gift in Vancouver

I am dedicating today’s blog to promote an associate’s Mother’s Day gift.  Promoting someone else’s service in my blog isn’t something that I would easily accept, but in this one rare chance, I will make an exception.


Some people want to see Paris, before they die, while others choose Disneyland, the Pyramids in Egypt or the Amazon Jungle…  Equally as exciting is Craig’s Addy, under the Piano – in out own city.

February the 28th, 2011.  My wife and I endeavoured to experience this unique and interesting service called “Under the Piano”…  Which is precisely what we did, we lied down in Craig’s Addy Grand Piano as he improvised wonderful music for us.  Craig Addy is a master and talented classical musician with keen intuition, the sounds became a body and mind spa.

What I thought was interesting before my actual experience became a much needed respite, that has helped me immensely.  What an outstanding experience for my wife and I to have this talented musician play tunes specifically for us while we lied with our eyes shut under his Grand Piano.

Your Mother will feel loved and appreciated should you chose to give her an opportunity to experience ” Craig’s Addy, Under the Piano”, please check – Your Mother will be glad, you did.


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