Have been a Portrait photographer since 1987, when I was a grade 10 student at Claude Watson School for the Arts, at Earl Haig Secondary School, North York, Ontario, Canada. Capturing eyes, soul and essence, captivated me.

I would spend hours upon hours photographing added by day and night in the darkroom.
Now, 23 yrs later it continues to feel new to me. What an honour, and gratification to be able to illustrate the best in people. Every time I am behind the camera to capture a client needs feels as if I am dancing in the clouds and borrowing their experiences, passion and love.
Carlos Taylhardat
Carlos Taylhardat

Carlos Taylhardat is a portrait photographer in Vancouver BC for Art of Headshots Portrait Studio. As an adult Carlos was a Youth Worker and Family Therapist for Children that were displaced due to abuse in their homes. Following a 15 yrs career, Carlos burrowed his experience in counselling to adapt a new system for photographing people. His vast experience and knowledge of the human psychic is clearly displayed in his work for photographing people

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Carlos Taylhardat

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