A Family Portrait to Celebrate BC’s first Family Day

Family Portrait of Natacha
Family Portrait of Natacha Beim

Family Portrait of one of our newest  and esteemed headshots client, Natacha Beim.  Natacha’s was chosen to commemorate BC’s newest Holiday, Family Day.  I chose this portrait because her family touched my heart and encourages me as a guide on how to be with my own young family.

Natacha is the founder and CEO of Core Education & Fine Arts ( www.cefa.ca ), and divides her time between research, writing and speaking engagements.  She lives in Vancouver, BC with her husband and two sons.  Some of Natacha other accolades include writing a poetry book at the age of sixteen, which was sold out as soon as it was published.  Her family speaks three language proficiently and her husband and kids are also extraordinary achievers with many accomplishments.

BC Family Day was created last year by our premier Christy Clark, but the statutory date was picked by BC residents in an online poll.  “Whether you hit the slopes or take the kids on a hike, this weekend is about spending time together with the people important to them.” Clark said in a statement last week.  The province’s Family day will be a statutory holiday on the second Monday in February after 31,000 votes were cast in favour over the third Monday in the month.

Art of Headshots, chose to write this Blog about the Beim Family as they exemplify excellence in every respect.  While photographing Natacha I couldn’t help but to admire, the love for each other. “We met when we were 15 years old at a Birthday Party and have been married for 15 years, and have a date night every Saturday…”.  Explained Natacha.  Her Saturday night dates, may be one of the contributing factors making her family exemplary.Natacha Headshot and Portrait

Thank you Beim Family for displaying your portraits to role model BC Family Day.



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