When is the best time to have my Headshot done, one may wonder?  Is a session better in the morning, afternoon or evening?  Summer, Winter, Spring or Fall?  Should you wait for the ideal weight?

Morning or Afternoon?

Often I have clients asking me when is the best time to have a headshot and they are referring about having a headshot in the morning or in the afternoon.  I really hadn’t given the topic much thought until recently when I decided to research the results of my headshots to decide what times had given me consistently better results.

Searching through headshots that have gotten the best reviews, to my surprise I found a pattern.  For some reason the best headshots were captured in the afternoon between 2pm to 4pm.  I wonder if its because its the middle of the day when one has had enough day experience to be fully aware and awake, but not so much that it would have the person tired.




Once again I looked for the headshots that stood out, to determine which is the best to be photographed and…  Voila, now – because its mid August and the most popular headshots seem  to have come from late August to early September.  The end of the Summer when people have a nice glow from the sun and are ready to move forward with their careers, my assumption.




Don’t wait for your ideal weight as I will photograph any client for free if they lose a substantial amount of weight up to three months following their session- what a motivation!  I recommend other headshot photographers to do the same. It’s actually a win win scenario.  You wouldn’t want your clients to have their session captured by the competition because the client no longer needed your picture due to a substantial weight loss.  My guarantee continues the next three months and so forth until the desired weight is attained.

So if you are reader from another city and have found the perfect photographed discuss this possibility with him or her or have them contact me to discuss why I think its in the best interest for other headshot photographers to follow suit.