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Return Policy

At Art of Headshots, our passion for people drives us. Our team consists of talented professional photographers who share a common love for capturing the human spirit. We pride ourselves on a nearly flawless system for photographing individuals, focusing on bringing out the essence of each person we shoot. However, we recognize that subjectivity and human error can play a role in the outcome of a session.

Our Commitment to Satisfaction

Understanding the importance of your headshot for personal branding, we offer a straightforward solution for any concerns you might have with your photographs. Our policy is designed to convert any dissatisfaction into a positive experience:

  • No Questions Asked Re-shooting Policy: If for any reason you’re not satisfied with your headshots, we offer a re-shooting service at no additional cost. There’s no need for explanations or justifications; if you feel the need for a reshoot, we’re here to ensure you get the best possible portrait.

  • Flexible Rebooking Options: Life happens, and we get that. Should you need to reschedule, we allow rebooking up to 36 hours before your session without any penalty. This flexibility ensures that you can choose the best time for your needs without any stress.

Important Note on No-Shows

We value your time — and ours. In cases where a session is not rebooked within the 36-hour window and results in a no-show, a fee will be charged for scheduling another session. This policy helps us maintain the quality and availability of our services for all clients.

Our Promise

At Art of Headshots, your satisfaction is our priority. We’re dedicated to capturing the perfect portrait that reflects your unique personality and meets your branding needs. Our policies are designed with your best interests in mind, ensuring a seamless and positive experience from start to finish.

James R. Baylis

I wasn’t succeeding with my old headshot until ‘Art of Headshots’. My first audition I landed a role in Pirates of the Caribbean, my second audition it was X-Files and my career started… Now I have a role in Altered Carbon and a career as a film actor.