“The secret to moving the passions in others is to be moved oneself” said Aristotle and then he added “that moving oneself is made possible by bringing to the fore visions of experiences from life”.  

I wonder, why wouldn’t any actor want to bring to the fore vision of his or her experiences in the casting headshot?

My first headshot was photographed in 1987 when I was 17. My first clients agent would later force him to get another session done by Toronto’s best known photographer at the time, specializing in headshots.  Matching the headshot taken by me a teenager and the other photographer was peculiar to his agent, so she invited me to speak with her.  She would later determine that I was lucky and it was nothing but coincidence that my headshot would be the portrait used for casting.  Thirty years later, I no longer feel lucky for having captured headshot of thousands of others through our distinct approach, the method actor approach to producing headshots.

“Acting is not about being someone different.  It’s finding the similarity in what is apparently different, then finding yourself”, Merryl Streep.  I still find it difficult to call our approach unique because I am dumbfounded that a) other headshot photographers are still photographing people the same way as an event, object and/or scenery and b) actor’s are constantly hiring portrait photographers that have everyone looking the same, I call it the “Vroom Look”, all images end up like a deer caught in the headlights.

Method Actor’s will benefit from a headshot specialist that has the ability to interview his or her clients and then bring that experience to life inside the portrait.  A great headshot has as much visual value as it does emotionally.


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Method Acting


Method actors photographed in the last year or so at our Art of Headshots Studios in Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary.

Favourite Movie Productions


After getting a method Actor’s Headshot you may want to take advantage of one of these productions being shot in Vancouver this Summer of 2017.

1. X-Files the 11th Season, starting David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson.
2. Deadpool 2, starting our own Vancouverite – Ryan Reynolds and co-starting Morena Baccarin who shows the best of Brazil.
3. The Flash, Supergirl, Supernatural, Legends of Tomorrow & Arrow who have now become a Vancouver tradition are all filming all around Vancouver in what seems to be every other street.

Favourite Movie Productions


1. Heartland, Season 11 starting – Amber Marshall and Graham Wardle
2. Damnation, Season 1. A Netflix Western series
3. El Chicano, a new production that is promising and highly secretive

Favourite Movie Productions


1. Star Trek: Discovery Season 1. Geeks like me can’t wait to watch the new Star Trek series being filmed in Toronto.
2. Condor: Season 1. Starting Brendan Fraser and Mira Sorvino
3. Fahrenheit 451: TV Feature. Starting Keifer Sutherland and Kai Penn.

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