how to become a movie star

Ever wonder how to become a movie star?

Today’s blog is dedicated to a client,  a friend and colleague,

Modelling Head Shots
Modelling Head Shots

Alexandria Kavy who has figured it out at the young age of 18 years old. Last week we shot her headshot for casting…  The very first casting agent to receive her headshot offered her a role in the new George Clooney movie!  Without a doubt, knowing Alexandria, her personality and energy will guarantee she becomes a movie star.

Are you interested in learning what I have observed regarding Alexandria’s pursuit of becoming a movie star?

The following are some of my observations:

Movie Star Headshot
Movie Star Headshot

a) Pursuit for Greatness;  In my twenty plus years of photographing people, Alexandria is the first person that had more energy than me. She would try new things during a testing shoot, she was adventurous, smart and prepared.

b) Pursuit for Greatness; Alexandria volunteers in a hospital because she may want to be a doctor one day. Her energy and willingness to learn has landed her a promotion as a volunteer at the hospital. The doctors noticed greatness, just like I noticed it.

c) Pursuit for Greatness; Alexandria volunteered and worked minimum wage in movie roles to get immediate experience. She also volunteered her time with many photographers and built a great relationship with people that were like minded.

d) Unreasonable belief in herself; Those of you who have studied Landmark may already know why I call it unreasonable belief. Society give us lot of reasons why we shouldn’t believe in ourselves, making it reasonable not to try or take chances.   Being 18, makes it quite unreasonable to believe in greatness.  But without belief greatness is rarely achieved.

e) Her defeats became experiences of greatness; Alexandria and her younger brother were bullied at school. She learned to become tough, stronger and kinder as an outcome of being bullied.

f) Kindness, passion and compassion; Alexandria will help anyone wanting her assistance because part of her pursuit for greatness includes compassion, kindness and love.

I am very proud of my friend Alexandria Kavy who will soon be a movie star. It is clearly shown at the tip of her eyes, and I am fully dedicated to assisting her achieve and continue to grow.


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