head shot

January 31, 2013

Head Shot is still considered a slang word, but becoming a popular name for a portrait photograph.  Currently there are three completely different definitions for the word headshots, head shot or headshot.  Its commonly used in photography and branding, the NHL ( National Hockey League)  and  in reality games.

Peter Winnett

Professional Portait photograph of Peter Winnett for BC Business Magazine.

Photography and Branding definition;

A portrait for casting or professional needs.

Hockey definition;

A hit to the head of an opposing player, sometimes causing concussion.  Its major concern for the NHL, as players career can end immediately as a result of a headshot.

Gamers definition;

a hit aimed to the head where they shout ” BOOM, Headshot!  I suppose its exhilarating experience of virtual reality game players.  Not my reality or Art of Headshots reality.

Art of Headshots definition:

Our own definition of head shot, headshots or headshot is a professional portrait of an individual to be used for today’s modern branding needs.  We advice our clients to feel comfortable being authentic and vulnerable to capture the essence inside the person being photographed.

Headshots can be used in the about page of someones website, for social media, actors will have a headshot in their casting workbook while realtors will have a headshot as small as their business card all the way to the size needed for wrapping an entire bus.


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