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Being a professional photographer dedicated to capturing headshots becomes an opportunity to capture the essence of people, agencies and their unfolding dreams – allowing me the privilege to witness greatness.  Over the next few months I will be writing about agencies shaping our society by either offering unique services, products or a great life style.  Today I am writing about Sales Beacon a company offering a friendlier future, now.

I was commissioned to capture headshots for Sales Beacon list of talented business professionals.  Sales Beacon is an agency providing forward thinking solutions for Corporations by contracting talent, allowing talent and talent seekers to win in ways only possible with today’s and tomorrow’s future technologies, allowing gifted individuals to work remotely from wherever they want to live and saving million’s of dollars to the corporations in office space and red tape.

“I am a surfer and a biologist”, explained Caralee.  Years ago she would have to chose one or reduce the amount of surfing to scarcity, but with today’s technology she can work from home allowing her to live in rural Nova Scotia and surf 12 months a year.  Caralee is but one of the many stories of talented people working remotely as business analysts, programmers, sales and human resources.

“Making our clients look great is our first and foremost goal through our in depth process for finding unique talent around the globe” explained Cynthia the CEO of Sales Beacon.

Sales Beacon recruits talent with in North America and England to provide services in sales, human resources, business analysis and programming.  “Working as a contractor for Cisco has made me one of the longest employees in my team although I actually don’t work for Cisco”, explained one of Sales Beacon recruits.

While working with the Sales Beacon team I drifted off in my mind and wondered if in 1911 while the rural population in Canada was 55% with the last census study in 2011 showing a rural population to be at 19% (http://www.statcan.gc.ca/tables-tableaux/sum-som/l01/cst01/demo62a-eng.htm ). Sales Beacon may be a solution towards a brighter future.

If Vancouver’s average housing price is $1.4 M and the average price of a home in rural Nova Scotia is $100 K to $300 K.  Working remotely will benefit affordable housing and may change the rural vs urban disparity in the future.  We could live in remote areas with a lakeside view instead of a congested sardine type apartments.  Fresher air for all.

My mind started to calculate the savings in commuting…  An average month consist of twenty working days and Urban commute is usually 45 minutes one way making it 1,800 minutes a month equaling to 18 full days of commute a month.  Who wants additional 18 days a year?  Work for Sales Beacon and it can become a reality…  Wow the future is friendlier – today with Sales Beacon.


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