Du-Shaunt ‘Fik-Shun’ Stegall

August 29, 2013

du-shaunt-fik-shun-stegall-headshotToday I am dedicating my blog towards Du-Shaunt Stegall aka Fik-Shun. Because I want to be the first to say it. He is a future star. He will be great…

Next week Fik-Shun is going to win the “So You Think You Can Dance” America contest, which will be the beginning of his career as a celebrity. My timing for writing this blog is comparable to writing a blog about Eddie Murphy in 1981 prior to the movie “48 Hrs”, when he was 18 yrs old just like Fik-Shun… Except that Fik-Shun will be bigger than Eddie Murphy.

If I knew, nothing about Fik-Shun, I would think he has a soul of a star by the glimmer in his eyes. But I have been so impressed by his performance, his growth, his well manners and dignity. Am excited for his future and have but two advices…

Fik-Shun be a good Man, and take my offer of a free headshot – by me.





I would like to hear from his fans, do you agree? Can he act? Certainly any agent with a palate for greatness will be chasing him by now. Am even willing to bet, any takers? Please prove me right.