Photography is used in many different ways for varied reasons. Some of the few uses of photography are; documentation, selling products & services, publicity, commentary and art among others. The main importance of photographs is to record memories. Photographs are also used as a way of manipulating public opinion and documentation of historic events.

Photography has been utilized in various aspects. It has been used in billboards, magazines, leaflets, Televisions, and fun. It is also widely used in artistic expression, communication, in archiving, by military and security agents for surveillance, advertisement, and voyeurism.

There are different types of photography of which a photographers use, including:

Still Life Photography

This involves capturing deliberately grouped objects in order to create a certain composition. It requires photographers to have perfect sense of composition and lighting.

Wedding Photography

This type of photography is aimed at snapping the most memorable moments in several creative ways. A photographer in this case can take his/her own approach towards the subject, go for the traditional posed ways or may base on the actual moment.

Fine Art Photography

It is concerned with visuals that represent a work of art. It involves highly creative images which posses an abstract appeal. It is not restricted for commercial purpose but can be used for creative pursuit too.

Fashion Photography

It is a lucrative kind whose photographs are effective in communication in the world of fashion. It is used to use to grab attention for the fashionable items i.e. clothing or accessories.

Glamour Photography

It is also about fashion but its distinction is the way of highlighting the model in different lights instead of emphasizing on accessories and clothes.

Advertising Photography

It is primarily concerned about creating the right environment in a best way ever. Photographers in this case come up with ideas, visual items and designs that aid them to obtain specific results.

Nature photography

It encompasses various types of photography like landscape, wildlife, underwater, seascape, and cloudscape. Landscape photography highlights natural beauty of any place e.g. desert, mountain and waterfall. Wildlife photography is concerned with capturing of amazing shots of animals against natural backdrop. Underwater photography explores the world beneath the blue seas and oceans. On the other hand is focused on the unfolding nature on seas and oceans. Cloud photography deals with the capturing of cloud formation.
Travel Photography: Encompasses capturing of images or people from different countries in various traditions and customs.

Architectural Photography

It is concerned with capturing different images of different architecture styles. It requires technical and visual department expertise.
Portrait Photography: Entails capturing moods of a person with an emphasis on the face and expression of a person. It is only about professional models including any person.


It is simply telling a story about a given event or incidence via a single photograph. It is mainly used by publications in representing latest news. It is classified into documentary photography and street photography. In documentary photography, a photographer will present an image that best represents the incidence whereas in street photography is based on capturing public place or people in a natural element. Other kinds of photo journalism includes celebrity photojournalism that captures celebrities and sports photography that captures best images in action of any kind of sport.
Nude photography: Deals with depiction of human body in nude form. Its photographs are meant for study of the body and not eroticism.

War Photography

Entails capturing photographs that depict the situation at war in terms of people and a given situation.

Candid Photography

It a photography whose photographs are all about being spontaneous. It does not include staged situations.

Fire Photography

It aims at capturing photographs at fire scenes. Photographers under it are well equipped with fire protective clothing.

Forensic Photography

It is also referred to as crime scene photography. It Is focused on capturing accurate representation of scene of crime by covering possible angles of the scene.

Secret Photography

This photograph entails capturing images of individuals without their knowledge. It is ideal for investigations. Their unethical publication may lead to various legal issues.

Aerial Photography

It entails capturing images from elevated positions. This can e achieved by clicking the image from a helicopter, aircraft, kite fitted with a camera.

Headshot Photography

Focuses on person’s face and gives plainer images.

Food Photography

Entails photographers making a group of objects (food) to look nore interesting and appealing to view.


Focuses on capturing image from space e.g. planets, moon, satellites, stars and other interesting space formations.

Child Photography

Involved with capturing best moods and moments of children so that these photographs can be used in advertisement.

Black and White Photography

Was an ancient photograph that gives black and white images. Photographers may specialize in this type.

Digital Photography

It involves photographers using digital cameras to click images and transfer them faster. It results to better and clear photographs.

Night Photography

It entails specialization in night scenes. Artificial light is applied to make these photographs of this type clear.

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