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Early Headshot for Jennifer Lawrence, courtesy Jennifer Lawrence

Photographers Vancouver: The Benefits of Reputed Photographers

Vancouver is a cosmopolitan city in British Columbia with panoramic vistas as well as access to great outdoors. This fact makes it a popular vacation spot. Therefore, it is a place you want to make best captions for your memories. Therefore, having the best and the most famous photographers would leave you loads of benefits. […]

Happy New Years

We are excited about this year that is about to pass and the year that lays ahead, would like to wish you all, our dear friends, clients and mutual alliances a great New Years.   Thank you for choosing Art of Headshots to capture a modern portrait, a headshot, your powerful branding tool to be […]

Tips in Professional Photography

Professional Photography Vancouver has become the in thing today. Individuals are now building their careers and financial lives entirely on photography. What is it that they have really discovered? There has been an alarming series of innovations in the area over the past years. Notably, we have witnessed a great deal of advancement in technology […]

Different Types of Photography

Photography is used in many different ways for varied reasons. Some of the few uses of photography are; documentation, selling products & services, publicity, commentary and art among others. The main importance of photographs is to record memories. Photographs are also used as a way of manipulating public opinion and documentation of historic events. Photography […]

The Importance of Light to a Perfect Photograph

Illumination and light are the single most important factors to consider in photography. Photography is all about capturing and recording the light. When taking photos, it is important to be at the right place at the right time, especially when dealing with sunrises and sunsets. Here, light changes in a matter of minutes and so […]

How To Be Better At Photography

You can improve your photography by rethinking how you are taking your pictures, lighting, framing, and content all play a key role and are easy to develop an eye for once you get started! So, if you are new to photograph and do not hold any specific diploma or certificate in the particular field, you […]

Woody Allen’s and Cate’s Blue Jasmine

Last weekend in my spare time I watched Woody Allen’s latest movie called Blue Jasmine starring Cate Blanchett with a great secondary cast. It was mainly Cate’s brilliant performance in what has become my favourite Woody film.  Not only is this a must-see movie for anyone wanting an intelligent and deep performance, but I also consider […]

Getting The Perfect Headshot

Before choosing a photographer to take your headshot, there are a few basics and facts you need to know in order to get a perfect photograph. First of all, the photo should capture you in a natural pose and clearly displaying your entire face straight to the camera. Headshots do not include the rest of […]

modeling headshots

Modeling Headshots Modeling headshots are branding images of a person to show his or her beauty and ability to wear and illustrate fashion. Modeling headshots differ from actor headshots and corporate headshots.  A corporate headshot usually is a portrait for the website ( about us page ), social media and other marketing materials,  while an […]


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