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What is a headshot? What does the meaning of the word headshot? Bloggers filling content describe it as a picture of a person’s face, which isn’t accurate. The word headshot was originally used to describe portraits for casting in the movie industry printed in 8″ by 10″ format in the 50’s, later in the 90’s Real Estate Agent started to use portrait headshots for advertising with success, somehow having a portrait of yourself increased business substantially. Today, headshots are used for casting, resume, about us page, LinkedIn, email correspondence and mainly as a spiritual logo of the person.

The following are four definitions for ” Headshot ” or “Headshots”;

1 – A headshot is a modern portrait produced by a professional photographer or agency.  To be used by a professional, business owner or a team to brand him or herself through social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Plus and the ‘about us’ page.  There are also other ways of using a headshot, such as print media and email correspondence.  Professional Headshot or Corporate Headshots.

2 – A headshot is an 8X10 print which could have a resume attached in the back of the print for an actor seeking casting for a role.  Actor’s Headshot.

3 – A headshot is also used to describe a sports injury mainly in Hockey and Football or Boxing.  Where the athlete has been injured in the head by the opponent usually resulting in a concussion.  Headshots in Hockey and Boxing have recently become an issue that is currently being addressed and will change the rules of the game to protect the health and career of athletes ( hurray ).

4 – Electronic Gamer’s look to headshot as an opportunity to gain higher points.  Games like Resident Evil, Gears of War, and the Unreal Series to mention but a few.  Not my regular clientele at Art of Headshots because they are busy saving the universe at the comfort of their couch.

Actor Headshots Reel
Actor Headshots Reel

More about Headshot Photography

A headshot can be full body or close up. The main purpose of a headshot is to inspire others to be interested in you.

An Art of Headshots, headshot is an opportunity to reveal yourself.  Consider that we are always looking at other human beings, in doing so – our mind gets stimulated.  We wonder if it’s safe or can we trust that person, does he or she remind us of somebody we once knew?  The ability to understand a great headshot ( subconsciously ) it’s uncanny.  Making an Art of Headshots or a headshot by a professional who can capture more than just a face…  A powerful online engaging tool.

Today one of my clients said the following about the Art of Headshots,

“I needed some new headshots as I am about to re-start my acting career after several years on hiatus. I chose Art Of Headshots based on the sample shots photographer Carlos had posted on their Yelp site. I called the office and had a very in-depth conversation with Carlos which cemented the idea that I had found someone who’s skill and experience would help me capture the look and essence I wanted in my new shots. I arranged an appointment and was totally satisfied! Carlos is easy to work with. He takes the time to get to know his subject and what they are looking for. He has great ideas and excellent vision. I never felt I was being forced into what he wanted but rather we discovered the result together. We looked at photos on his iPad as we worked and adjusted, resulting in many great options to choose from. Their online interface of the proofs is easy to use and convenient when submitting proofs for finishing. Their prices are fair and they offer great discounts on multiple edits. Becky in the office is friendly and will work with you on figuring out the editing process. If you need a headshot for any reason be it for entertainment, corporate or just because you are kind of a big deal, I HIGHLY recommend AOH! They are now my go-to, and I commuted up from Arizona to work with them. No-one down here even comes close!” Garnet Harding.

Style of Headshots

Art of Headshots Studio
Art of Headshots Studios with location across Canada

Corporate Headshots are usually used in the about us page and separate LinkedIn profile accounts of team members to help identify the culture of the corporation.

Actor Headshots are portraits used along with his or her resume for casting a role in film or stage performance.

Politician Headshots are portraits used to identify the candidate. A great portrait will help viewers understand the candidate in a deep and profound way.

Headshots for profile images such as Facebook, Google and Twitter to mention but a few of the thousands of profiles.


Art of Headshots specializes in corporate and professional headshots for websites, social media like LinkedIn, and advertising. We have over 13 years of experience guiding you into authentic and professional portraits.

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