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Residency Headshots

As a professional photographer, specializing in headshots becomes an opportunity to capture the essence of people, agencies, and their unfolding dreams — allowing me the privilege to witness greatness. Over the next few months, I will be writing about different agencies and people who shape our society by offering unique services, products, and/or motivational life stories.

Katie Lee a residencial surgeon.

Today, I am honouring medical residency applicants who have chosen Art of Headshots to produce a headshot to be included in the application  Cards application is a key step along the path to practicing medicine in the Canadian health care system.

I don’t normally write reviews, however felt my experience with the art of headshots was so fantastic I couldn’t not share it. I had zero insight into headshot photography, and so when I was informed I needed to have a headshot for an application, I didn’t have a clue where to even start looking. Luckily my hairdresser recommended the art of headshots to me, and told me I wouldn’t be disappointed. What an understatement!

Anyone who comes across this review- if you want a headshot done for whatever reason, this is where it’s at. And trust me on this.
Carlos uses a technique I have never come across in photography before, and explores areas/interests within your life that truly do come out in the images he captures during the photography session. This session is not your typical stand in front of a camera, smile, pose, okay we are done. It is an experience and it amazed me how my photos truly altered from the first initial shots to the finals photos taken towards the end of the session.
When Carlos told me first hand he guarantees his work, and would redo the session if I was not happy with the outcome I couldn’t believe it. However after receiving the images – it all made sense. I was so surprised/excited/and truly thrilled with the outcome.
Becky- who is the photography editor is absolutely superb! She sends you the album of photos, and goes through with you which photos you want editing and any specifications regarding the editing. I had a very specific criteria and she was phenomenal in making everything come together and the turn around time on the photos was incredibly quick with such an amazing result.
I cannot recommend the art of headshots enough.

Katie Lee

An esteemed residency student who will do great things for people and our community, I am equally honoured to have had the opportunity and her presence in front of my camera.

Katelyn is a doctor athlete and and inspiration of a Vancouverite. Headshot photographer Carlos Taylhardat captured this image during a session

Last week Al, Art of Headshots Toronto photographer produced portrait for a brain surgeon in her 2nd year of a residency program.  Helping doctors whom are saving life’s as a profession is an honour and we take the responsibility seriously by producing a vivid portrait that illustrates the best of his or her energy.

Also in Vancouver we had another resident applicant whom had his sister make the initial call to set up the appointment, during the session his parents and the other sister came to support him just before our session.  His entire family had participated in one way or another for the shoot.  Which made me wonder about other resident students and the importance of family support?  One Father told me that he would never be able to afford the decade of advanced education for his Son had he not worked over time.  In today’s World its not enough to be talented, intelligent and hard working – Family needs to support our future doctors, surgeon’s and specialists.

Why choose us?

There are a lot of talented photographers, studios and individuals that may produce an acceptable headshot or better – but there is only one Art of Headshots, we have photographed thousands of individuals and keep doing so consistently through our distinct process for capturing ” your beautiful energy “.  We believe that a portrait is not a picture of a subject smiling, but a human being with life experiences and the closer we get to the core of a person, the image becomes a documentation of the best of that particular individual. ( Canadian Resident matching Service )

Carlos Taylhardat

Carlos Taylhardat is a portrait photographer in Vancouver BC for Art of Headshots Portrait Studio. As an adult Carlos was a Youth Worker and Family Therapist for Children that were displaced due to abuse in their homes. Following a 15 yrs career, Carlos burrowed his experience in counselling to adapt a new system for photographing people. His vast experience and knowledge of the human psychic is clearly displayed in his work for photographing people

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Carlos Taylhardat

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