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headshots or head shots are modern portrait for today’s branding needs.

Three Tips for Travel Photography

Travel Photography Travelling can be exciting, outstanding or relaxing. Where do you go on Vacation? Beach resorts in Hawaii, Mexico or the Dominican Republic? Are you adventurous traveller climbing mountains, seeking the jungle or recording political events? Whatever type of vacation you might choose, wouldn’t it be great to have images to match your experience? […]

Yousuf Karsh

How to Prepare for a Headshot Photo Session

Looking Glass Foundation

Being a professional photographer specializing in headshots becomes an opportunity to capture the essence of people, agencies, and their unfolding dreams – allowing me the privilege to witness greatness. Over the next few months, I will be writing about different agencies and people shaping our society by either offering unique services, products and/or motivational life […]

What NOT to do before your Headshot Session

Every now and then, we end up having to re-schedule a headshot session. Clients sometimes prepare themselves for their headshot session in ways that don’t serve them. Here are the top five ways you can avoid having to avoid the hassle of a “retake”. Rule 1: NO STRESS! Perhaps you feel that you have never photographed well. Maybe you learned growing […]

Corporate Headshots of Pooja

“Who sees the human face correctly, the photographer, the mirror or the artist?” Pablo Picasso As a corporate headshots photographer, I would have to answer that it’s the photographer. And I would also have to disagree with Picasso. In a meaningful corporate headshot, “the human face” is but one feature of the image. But it is not the most […]

History and future of Heashot Photography

History The terminology, headshot was adopted by the movie industry through a popular movie director that often complained about his actors portraits. “Mug Shot, Mug Shot, why do they send me mug shots I want professional portraits”. Inversely the casting agents modified the term mug shot to headshots when speaking to their clients. Eventually it […]

Headshots and Social Media

Wether you are an elaborate social media guru building the most exciting youtube crazed viral video or a standard Facebook, Linkedin and Tweeter old timer?  Your headshot allows the viewers to understand you, and who you are in a deep sub-conscious way.  Don’t underestimate the power of a headshots, the least important reason for having […]

I want to know who rules our World?

I want to know who rules our World? Does anybody know who? Is it one person, a family, a collection of people?Yes, my blog is about headshots and photography. So why am I writing about the ruler of the World? Because it’s my blog and I can write about anything that interests me, can’t I? […]

Neuroscience of Headshots

Carlos Tayhardat

  Last week I attended a seminar on ‘The Neuroscience of Online Engagement’, and was amazed by Elias Arjan’s presentation.  I learned a lot regarding online engagement and neuroscience…  But I was curious about the neuroscience of headshots. We learned about new pathological definitions involving the addiction of social media, mainly facebook, we learned about […]

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