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headshots or head shots are modern portrait for today’s branding needs.

Neuroscience of Headshots

Carlos Tayhardat

  Last week I attended a seminar on ‘The Neuroscience of Online Engagement’, and was amazed by Elias Arjan’s presentation.  I learned a lot regarding online engagement and neuroscience…  But I was curious about the neuroscience of headshots. We learned about new pathological definitions involving the addiction of social media, mainly facebook, we learned about […]

the most famous portrait of all times

The most famous portrait portrait of all times is arguably Steve McCurry’s, “Afghan Girl”. This iconic photograph barely made it to the National Geographic cover in 1985, which landed Steve McCurry’s career and sold the most issues for National Geographic magazine. I wonder if Steve McCurry would be known had they decided not to use […]

How to do a Great Portrait Photography

Many people who love photography don’t know how to come up with great portrait photography for the reason that portrait is one of the most challenging types of photography out there. If you want to do a great portrait, you must be concerned with composition, lighting and other technicalities. I hope you will be able […]

Advantages of Professional Photography for Large and Small Businesses

Over the past few decades professional photography has really evolved. Nowadays, professional photographers are cheaper considering that one can hire them to cover their birthday party, wedding and baptism celebrations. That being said there are different types of professional photographers ranging from those who just buy a digital camera and have had some formal instruction […]

Du-Shaunt ‘Fik-Shun’ Stegall

Today I am dedicating my blog towards Du-Shaunt Stegall aka Fik-Shun.  Because I want to be the first to say it.  He is a future star.  He will be great… Next week Fik-Shun is going to win the “So You Think You Can Dance” America contest, which will be the beginning of his career as […]


Headshots are the core of our business at Art of Headshots Studio. A Modern Portrait Studio dedicated to the Art of Headshots. If you are a person that values your professional trait, a Modern Portrait of a Headshot is essential to your branding. At Art of Headshots we also provide support, training and services to […]

how to become a movie star

Ever wonder how to become a movie star? Today’s blog is dedicated to a client,  a friend and colleague, Alexandria Kavy who has figured it out at the young age of 18 years old. Last week we shot her headshot for casting…  The very first casting agent to receive her headshot offered her a role in the […]

Headshots for Acting

Headshots for acting are crucial and essential for anyone desiring a career in the show business.  What makes a successful headshot for acting, you may ask? The answer to a successful acting headshot is simple, its a headshot portrait that lands you contracts.  But the difficult question is, how to capture a successful headshot for […]

Headshots in Toronto

Art of Headshots is proud to present our services in Toronto, Ontario.  We are conveniently located in downtown Toronto at 366 Adelaide Street East and am excited to returning to the city where I grew up cooperatively . Al has eight years of experience in photography, video and graphic design. He has worked with magazines, such […]

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