Al is an excellent headshot photographer and a very easy person to get along with

Niall O’Kelly

I would recommend Al and was very pleased with the headshots produced at the studio

Melanie Elizabeth

Al is an extremely talented photographer and brings out the best in you, looking for the best in Toronto – Al is your Man.

Simi Areepurath

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Art of Headshots Toronto

Al Taher

The Art of Headshots Toronto Studio is managed by Al Taher, who is a professional in producing portraits, video and graphic design. He has worked with international brands such as Martha Stewart, the Four Seasons, Fairmont, Steigenberger Hotels, FuijiFilm Canada, KPMG Canada, Mini Cooper, Credit Agricole, Canon and Procter & Gamble.

Having created and managed a photography company specializing in product, portrait and fashion photography, as well as working as Head of Photography for MenuLava Canada for the last two years photographing over 150 clients ranging from franchises to independents vendors, Al has all the right skills to capture the perfect portrait.

Al’s dedication, talent and extensive knowledge of portrait photography will be a wonderful addition to Toronto’s corporate community.

Toronto, Ontario

Compilation of images about Toronto Ontario, Canada.


greatest amount of trees

Toronto was ranked fifth in the Treepedia project ahead of New York, London and Paris. A collaboration with the World Economic Forum and Treepedia by using Google Street View to analyze the percentage of land covered by trees.

At almos 20 per cent, Toronto was ahead of Los Angeles, New York, London and Paris. Toronto parks and recreation plants an average of 100, 000 trees per year in parks and roads.

This is not to say that Toronto has a fool proof mechanism considering that 60 per sent to Toronto’s land is private and new developments are built exponentially.

“Development pressures are so high, if we’re not really careful and don’t really focus, we will end up like London and Paris and New York” ( ).

Canada was No. 1 on New York travel list. Canada is “a World unto itself, with cosmopolitan cities, barely explored natural wonders and everything in between ” says New York newspapers.

History of Toronto

the making of Toronto

The province of Upper Canada was set by the British in 1791 following United States War of Independence, in 1793, Lieutenant Governor John Graves Simcoe moved the Capital of Upper Canada to Toronto, then named York to avoid any first nations name such as “Toronto”.

In 1834 York was incorporated and renamed Toronto. The word Toronto was an Iroquois term meaning ‘where there are trees in water’. ‘The Narrows’ meant Toronto in the Mohawks language.

Toronto became a popular place for immigration growing steadily in the 19th century. In 1814 there was but 720 inhabitants by the time it incorporated in 1834 the population had grown to almost 10,000. By 1901 it had grown 20 times its original size to 208,000 and it slowed growth to 650,000 in the 1950’s now its at 2.6 million for the city of Toronto and 6 million people for metropolitan Toronto.

Toronto was awarded the most exciting city to invest in 2015 with a robust financial industry, high tech sector and one of the largest movie productions in the World. “Toronto is one of the best places in the world to do business. With our strong and stable economy, low operating costs, excellent incentives and easy access to more than a billions consumers through international trade…” Councillor Michael Thompson.

What I love about Toronto is the people, the dinning and the night life in a place that is safe. One can walk comfortably anywhere and anytime to enjoy beautiful Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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366 Adelaide St E #243,
Toronto, ON, M5A 3X9

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