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We are not machinist handling a camera, through caring and understanding we produce enduring portraits called headshots for branding, social media or to be discovered.

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Victoria is the jewel of British Columbia, commonly referred to as “a little bit of old England,” thanks to its mid-town charm, winding streets, February flower blossoms and its magnificent architectural landmarks—an amazing place capable of producing the best headshots one can imagine. In a government city with an emerging infrastructure and huge education and tourism hubs, local Victorians can thrive with high-quality professional headshots at their disposal to advance their careers or their business.

Victoria Headshots

With so many local businesses and young people looking to make a name for themselves in Victoria, Art of Headshots can produce for you carefully crafted headshot photos that will rival even the beauty of the city.

Whether it be Victoria’s growing technology industry—one of the biggest per capita in all of Canada—or the splendid tourist sites such as the historic Fairmont Empress Hotel that provide entrepreneurial and adventure opportunities, individuals and small businesses in Victoria are seeking to flourish. Personable local business headshots allow you to showcase your identity in a professional and fun way that will surely leave a great impression.

Victoria Services

• Actor Headshots
• Branding and Social-Media Headshots
• Company Headshots
• Corporate Headshots
• Event Photographs
• LinkedIn Headshots
• Professional Headshots

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Jesse Hlady

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