Veteran Portrait Project

There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up

John Holmes


Portrait Project

Veteran Portrait Project was initiated through a conversation with an associate about returning home from a tour. We don’t have solutions for PTSD, honouring our soldiers goes a long way.

Our Veteran’s here have been in WWII, Bosnia, Yugoslavia ( as it was called during the tour ), Cyprus, El Salvador, South Sudan, Egypt, Golan Heights and Afghanistan.

Our soldiers have made and continue to contribute in making this World a better place.

Harjit Sajjan

Minster of Defence

“Anyone in a leadership role needs to know that when you are looking at conflict, you can’t look inward, you need to work with society. If you alienate them, you are not going to have the tactical success, even if you have the best bombs in the world and the best intelligence and thousands of troops.”

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