Tourism Squamis Eagles
Squamish Eagles

Squamis (Squamish) River by Brackendale Provincial park is an eagle habitat for feeding, perching and roosting. The Eagle Run viewing shelter offers an opportunity for viewing the wintering bald eagles in the park across the river.

Squamish Eagles population is a World record of over 4,000 in 1994 with an average count of about 1300 per year depending on the Salmon run and weather conditions ( https://www.exploresquamish.com/explore/eagle-viewing ).

Three Easgles by Tourism Vancouver

British Columbia collects the more extensive gathering of bald eagle around the globe from November to March when thousands of eagle make their way to Fraser River and Harrison River. It’s magical and a great gathering of the five species with one thing in common, an appetite for the salmon spawning during the fall. Vancouver’s landfill is hosting thousands of Eagles not feeding on the healthy Salmon but rather lazily eating the cities waste.

B.C.’s Brackendale bald eagle endangered species

In 1996 the eagles counted reached 4,000 birds, but in 2016 there was only 411. In the last few years, we have had higher temperatures, longer summers and less rain resulting in forest fires, dried rivers and depleting Salmon population. Besides the weather, Vancouver is also growing. All surrounding cities are growing as well, eliminating forest and land for Eagles and its prey.

“We divide it into 20 areas and each area has two counters and a head counter,” said Froslov. “We use a couple of canoes, a kayak and a rubber raft because you can’t get into the river at certain points.”

The best place for eagle viewing is the area known as “Eagle Run” about a kilometre south of the Brackendale Art Gallery, which Froslov owns and operates. 

“We have eagle watch people up there with scopes who can help you and tell you more about eagles,” he says.  CBC News reported.

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