Toronto & Vancouver Film Industry is Booming

December 13, 2016

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What is filming

Toronto and Vancouver

Three years ago I wrote an article about the thriving film industry in Vancouver and Toronto. A lot has changed since then, but the movie industry continues to be strong in both of our cities.

The following are some of the up and coming new products and returning.


Season 1

Beverly Hills, 90210 will be returning and is currently filming in Vancouver with a brand new look and Jason Priestley, Jennie Garth, Shannen Doherty, Brian Austin, Tori Spelling, Ian Ziering and Gabrielle Carteris will be involved.

Filming in Toronto and Vancouver

Film Industry in Toronto and Vancouver


Film industry in Toronto and Vancouver is booming mainly due to the following three factors;

1 – Quality of Work and Locations

Needles to say Toronto and Vancouver have thousands of examples proving that quality of work is the top reason for having a robust movie industry in both cities.

In the spring of 2015, Vancouver shut off the highway for weeks to film Deadpool starting Ryan Reynolds which would have been an impossibility in any American major city, but acceptable only in Vancouver. Deadpool’s budget of $58 million produced a return of $760 million because Vancouver can deliver quality of work only rivalled by Toronto.

Resident Evil shot in Toronto for 2002 with a $250 million budget grossing shy of $1 billion revenue.

“We have studios, our service providers are incredible,” she said. Producers can shoot, edit and animate all in one city, rather than filming in Toronto then heading back to Hollywood, Michelle Alosinac.

“Our technical skills are incredible. Our digital animation, our computer visual effects, pre-visualization, we are extremely skilled. Globally, we are at the top of the game.”

Toronto’s landscape offers unique opportunity, allowing the city to stand in for Chicago, New York and Washington DC. Vancouver has become the location for ski-fi films where the old growth forest’s, the clean air and all of the surrounding nature and mountains makes it ideal for just about any production.

2 – Low Canadian Dollar

The Canadian dollar is worth $3/4 American dollar with lower wages saving more that 25% on all expenses, labour and production.

Walk the steers of Toronto as Hollywood chases the low dollar to crashed planes to illustrate Gotham City in the forthcoming Suicide Squad. “Hollywood North is heating up due to the low dollar”, Don Pittis.

3 – Favorable tax credits
My views on business and environment enrages the extreme leftists and right wingers.

i.e. ” B.C. taxpayers lose money on film. In 2012, we spent $437 million on film subsidies…” by Jordan Bateman. Did we lose that amount or did we gain $1.4 billion that would have gone to another place in the world by offering the film industry competitive tax breaks?

Equally we have right wing article such as the following ” as electric companies switched to low sulfur western coal to meet tougher air pollution standards… 1,000 jobs losses per year, over a multistate region, could be attributed to regulation.” by Eban Goodstein.

Both sides fail to explain the principles and reasons for providing competitive taxes to the movie industry and why we should save our planet (lol).

The cities of Toronto and Vancouver are benefiting from the movie and television industry. Vancouver is producing the 100, super girl, the flash, arrow and recently blockbusters such as Star Trek and Deadpool. The city of Toronto has benefited from Odd Squad, 12 Monkeys, Dark Matter and Killjoys to mention but a few of the major production in Toronto and Vancouver.

By contrast Halifax in Nova Scotia caved in to the complaints of revenue loss when they were providing similar tax breaks, the math is simple on the outcome of not providing tax breaks $0 revenue.

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