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February 8, 2014

Michelle Borromeo Actor Headshots Vancouver BC20110408 0030

Professional headshots in Vancouver by Art of Headshots is a portrait studio dedicated to capturing branding images for business professionals.

Art of Headshots is a company that is uniquely designed in thorough understanding of fine portraits, people and their branding needs.

Great portraits are achieved through a four step approach; a) Shooting Style, b) Gallery of images, c) Post Production and c) Optimization of Headshots.

a) Shooting Style

Carlos Taylhardat of Art of Headshots shoots portraits through an interaction that resembles a counselling session to help his clients bring out their personality or if you will the human spirit.

b) Gallery of Images

Following the session, clients receive a proof gallery of all images captured.  The gallery allows users to build their own lightbox to facilitate choosing.

c) Post Production

Upon selecting the image, the portrait is touched up and designed to perfection.  The emphasis are the eyes.

d) Optimization of Headshots

Clients will receive four versions of the same headshots, in colour and in black and white, optimized for web and optimized for fine printing.  Full rights of all the files and images.

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