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Professional Headshots

Professional Headshots

It wasn’t too long ago when the only people purchasing professional Headshots were performers.  Now everyone is wanting a professional  image of themselves for marketing, branding and advertising.

Sometimes I get hired to capture professional headshots because an office photo enthusiast thought he or she could do it.  Later they realized that surely the have an image of the professional staff, but not a professional image.  Becoming aware of the importance towards having professional images of their staff.

Hire a professional for professional Headshots, otherwise its just a picture.  Probably not engaging, but an image of the person nonetheless.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about professinal headshtos,

Carlos Taylhardat

Carlos Taylhardat is a portrait photographer in Vancouver BC for Art of Headshots Portrait Studio. As an adult Carlos was a Youth Worker and Family Therapist for Children that were displaced due to abuse in their homes. Following a 15 yrs career, Carlos burrowed his experience in counselling to adapt a new system for photographing people. His vast experience and knowledge of the human psychic is clearly displayed in his work for photographing people

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