Professional Editing Service

February 10, 2016

Professional Editing Services

Professional Editing is complimentary with a purchased headshot session, but you may want to order additional edits.  Portraits are colour corrected, the background is darkened or lightened, skin is softened, eyes are sharpened and any unwanted imperfections are removed.  Your headshot is transformed into 6 distinct optimizations to serve all branding needs ( for web, printing and LinkedIn- in b&w and colour).

one headshot       $45
two headshots     $75
three headshots  $100
four headshots   $125
five headshots    $150
++ headshots   call or email for quote                            How to select your proofs for editing

Professional Clipping

Sometimes clients want an image that can be put in front of any background such as city escapes, blend into other colours by having an invisible background.  Art of Headshots will clip the background and set the image to work with any background. We will touch up the image and send you four files for the chosen headshot in .png.

$55 per clipping

Sample of before and after Professional Editing

Ringo 2016before




Ringo 2016 WEB Art of Headshots





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