Our last Promotion of its kind

May 16, 2011

Michelle Actors Headshots

Please consider the following important information and forward it to your friends and colleagues.
Dear Readers,
It has been my goal to dedicate this blog towards all things headshots and provide you with insightful information in an objective manner. To this date I hadn’t written any promotions for – The Art of Headshots.
Today I will promote an exclusive deal for two reasons;
a) Its a great deal. We are charging a third
of our cost and will continue to offer all of our exclusive services like touch up of your chosen image, our exclusive shooting style and our usual guarantee.
b) I am going to Venezuela next month to say goodbye to my Father. If you want more information about my Father, please read my previous blog entries….
The following are the details,
Thursday May 19th, The Art of Headshots (www.artofheadshots.com) is running a headshot photography session for Vancouver-based professionals (Realtors, Financial Advisors, Actors, Personal Trainers, etc). This is the last time we will be running a workshop of this kind. If you value your image as being important to your business, please take advantage of this amazing opportunity and come join us for the session.

Bryce Portrait HeadshotsThe cost per participant is only $115 (normally $350 + studio fee!). This includes a minimum of 50 shots and 2 looks per person, a download-able web gallery of all your photos and post-production of your selected images.

Please contact me (gabby@artofheadshots.com / 604-773-5387) asap for more information or to sign-up for the workshop, as space is limited.

Please also take a moment to look over our recent professional portrait work:

Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you.

Kindest Regards,

– Gabby

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