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Often I write content that will help educate my current and/or future clients or to discredits most of the nonsense written about headshots online. Today, I am sharing this story because it was interesting to me and it tickled my stomach.

Last Sunday, April 30th edition of 60 minutes revealed that Norman Seeff a renowned portrait photographer has thousands of shoots recorded and have not yet been developed. In his vault is the secret recipe of somebody who brought out the essence of some of the greats such as Steve Martin, Steve Jobs, Ray Charles and the list goes on.

Norma Seeff on 60 minutes

“What you didn’t see in this video was Ray Charles objection prior to coming to our session – He didn’t want to be photographed”, explained Norman Seeff to his interviewer Lara Logan on 60 minutes. We can clearly see Ray Charles full of energy and excitement, Norman Seeff was able to ignite Ray Charles passion to capture his portrait.

“He reached out and pulled out a computer saying that he wanted to introduce his latest…”, explained Norman Seeff about his session with Steve Jobs with the first Mac. Once again Norman Seeff managed to ignite the passion of another great Artist, Steve Jobs ( I call him an artist because he had an unusual way to inspire his team to create products unlike anyone else ).

“I couldn’t afford to develop all of the shoots captured so I have been keeping them on file until the right date..”, explained Norman Seeff about his live recording of photoshoots with musical legends like Ray Charles, Tina Turner and the Blue’s Brothers. Wow, what a treat these live footages will become.

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