June 26, 2013

News about Headshots,

Welcome to my newest gallery called news about headshots.  This gallery is meant to reveal a common news inside professional portraits.  Can you guess what is the common news about all these headshots?  Have a look inside every headshot captured and illustrated in this gallery.

These images have been placed in chronological order by age ( my assumption of their age when captured ).  Included are business people, soldiers, performers, priests, Men, Women and Children.  What is the common news abut these headshots?

One undeniable truth is that I photographed all these headshots myself.  Over the years I marvel about the news inside of every headshot, their stories, victories, love and energy.

Hopefully by now you may have an idea about what I am trying to convey in the news inside these headshots, if so I would like to hear from you.  carlos@artofheadshots.com

Ofen we read the news about events unfolding, about sports, weather, paparazzi…  Why not the sub-conscious news inside a sophisticated portrait that is designed to relay a message, an energy, the life force inside us.

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