Maternity Photographers in Vancouver

April 4, 2013

Being one of Vancouver headshot photographers allows me the opportunity to venture to other forms of portraits from time to time, today I am showcasing maternity photography of my endearing friends Amanda and Victor.

Maternity photographers in Vancouver have their own distinctive style and approach, Art of Headshots illustrates the essence of parents waiting for the big moment, the gift, life.

Victor and Amanda are blessed to have had a healthy 9 months and have been patiently waiting for the big day to arrive.  They are planning on having the little girl conceived in Lions Gate Hospital, North Vancouver.

Certainly, Victor and Amanda will be great parents since their love for each other is obviously illustrated throughout the photo session.  The compassion and passion for each other is almost infectious and makes me smile every time I see their photo session.

Another one of their passion is clearly being showcased in this shoot, can you guess what it is?  Football, not American Football but what every other country besides USA and Canada call Football.

Throughout the shoot we wondered about the preciousness inside of Amanda’s tummy, although she has already been 3D photographed earlier last month while she was sucking her thumb in the peaceful safety of her mother internal loving care.

Thank you Victor and Amanda for choosing Art of Headshots as your dedicated materntiy photographer to capture images of you in Vancouver.  Our photographers are always ready to capture life moments.

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