Master Portrait Photographer Yousuf Karsh

February 10, 2014

Winston Churchill 1941 photo by Yousuf Karsh

Yousuf Karsh is the master photographer for portraits today and last century equally.  Regardless of all the product development in equipment.  Karsh continues to lead.

Why?  Some people will say that the film equipment was better than our current digital technology.  Others will disagree with my earlier statement and mention another photographer as the leader for portrait photography.

I believe that no mega or gigapixels can replace what truly makes an outstanding portrait.  Please have a look at some of Yousuf Karsh’s work and ask yourself a few questions?

What is it about this portrait that arouses my curiosity?

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What is the common theme in his work?  How is it different than most portraits?

As a professional headshot photographer dedicated to the art of headshots…  I can not speak for Yousuf Karsh, as much as I wished to have had him mentor me.  But I can speak about my own work and process.

Its an honour to meet people of all walks of life and help them produce an engaging portrait and a branding identity.

Yousuf Karsh managed to immortalize the life of those fortunate enough to have been captured by him.

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