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February 13, 2012

carlos alberto taylhardat

Are you looking for a professional photographer?  And have questions such as, how do I choose a company, person or agency?

This article should help you understand a portrait, headshots or professional photographer and what to look for in your search for the services needed.

I am a professional photographer with more than 20 yrs capturing images of people and am currently working with my third agency.  In Vancouver we specialize in professional Headshots, which is another word for modern portrait photography.

When looking for a professional photographer take a note of the following;

a) Does the photographer allow you to keep files for printing and web?  Some Wedding photographers will sell you prints which is counter productive to todays business needs.   Stay away from Wedding Photographers for Headshot’s.

b) Do they do touch up and optimization of images?  Images as taken as captured, are but halfway finished, post production of your images has become a modern must.  Make sure you hire an agency with proficiency in post work.  Sometimes I invite my clients to sit with me and participate in decreasing wrinkles and enhancement.  Careful not to choose an agency that is amateurish with their photoshop.

c) Professional services and delivery systems?  Do not hire a portfolio development photographer, or the photo enthusiast.  Consider how much your brand is worth?  Recently I had to re-shoot a company that tried to save money by hiring an enthusiast.  The photographe took weeks to deliver the images and the quality was poorer than expected, we were hired to re-shoot.

d) Style and dedication.  There are photographers out there who are great at capturing objects and sceneries but terrible with people.  Hire someone who has a specific style for capturing people.  A great portrait photographer, usually is someone who has passion for people.  In my case I worked as a youth worker, and family therapist prior to starting Art of Headshots.

Now you can look for a photographer with a better understanding of some of the essential needs for hiring the perfect service provider.

If you have questions about looking for a professional photographer please feel free to send me your questions or suggestions,


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