Location Shoot vs Studio Headshots for Casting, Workbook and Auditions

December 28, 2009

Jennifer Delaney

Most photographers offer two type of Headshots – studio and/or location shoot. We will cover the advantages and disadvantages of both to help you the actor be informed of what may or not work for your personality, needs and desired outcome.

Location Headshots (advantages) –

Location shoots can be a bit more creative than studio. If the actor or the photographer has great ideas for matching personality to the location it can be used to accentuate the actor’s aura.

Some actors respond better to location photography.

Location Headshots (disadvantages) –

Weather may not respond to the actor revealing his/her Headshot, too hot, too cold, mosquitoes and etc.. etc… Harder for photographer to find perfect exposure, making it look like you hired the enthusiastiHEADSHOTS 3c amateur to save money. Thus not looking professional.

Studio Headshots (advantages) –

Professional lighting to reveal accurate results that are predictable. Sometimes it can be much more comfortable to be shot in a studio where you don’t have to worry about weather, traffic, people, and or any other possible disruptions.

My favorite reason for choosing a studio shoot is the ability to highlight your eyes. Remember the eyes are the portal of your soul. Casting Directors will gravitate to your eyes.

I recommend to have your first Headshot taken in studio, followed by a second location Headshot taken another day. Do choose studio if you are in hurry to have an image for an audition or its the first time being shot.

Studio Headshots (disadvantages) –

The actor seeking a Headshot for Casting may feel more comfortable being captured in an environment, location or with a peer group.

You may not feel comfortable to be inside a dark room with the actual photographer capturing your image ( choose a photographer that makes you feel good ).

Tomorrow I will continue types of Headshots by informing you the reader with some of our unique solutions for capturing your greatest image for an audition.

Wishing you success,

Carlos Taylhardat

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