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“The first thing you should do as a Social Seller is enhance your LinkedIn profile. Social seller should make sure they create a good impression before jumping in.”

-Kurt Shaver, Founder of The Sales Foundry
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LinkedIn allows professionals to connect with future clients, working colleagues and to consult with other business professionals. Your profile starts with your photo for identification, branding and recognition.

Your LinedIn profile with be the or one of the first items to show up on a google search for your name. Make sure you have the best portrait of yourself in the LinkedIn profile to show your best.

Tips for LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn Photo

1. Be your best through an image that captures you, you. Your portrait should build relationships with potential clients, recruiters or anyone looking at your profile.

2. Take your time in writing your profile, explain yourself and what you do.

3. Remind your best clients to write you a review. Any review remind’s your future clients that other’s have taken the time and effort to appreciate services rendered by you.

Preparing for Photo Day

LinkedIn Headshots

1. Having a pleasant evening and not dealing with too much stress may help your session.

2. Pick clothing that is you and treat it well by ironing or having them dry cleaned. Do not feel like you need to buy new items but do avoid clothing that fitted you 20 or more pounds ago.

3. Your job during the session is to be yourself, let us take care of you and enjoy it – be free and transparent during the session, never guarded.

Question and Answers about LinkedIn Profile Images

Personal Branding Image

Q – Why do my selfies look different to session portraits?
A – If we were made of clay, selfies would be easy. The human face and our perception of it is extremely complicated. We can understand a multitude of things upon our first gaze of an individual and therefore to have a great portrait one needs interaction a great experience and the best headshots were produced by clients having a breakthrough.

Q – What should we wear for our session?
A – We are our own brand and are in a period of time where different attires are acceptable so I can’t recommend clothing or colours such as wearing a tie for Men or a dress for Women. But I do recommend that you bring clothing that fits today and not 10 yrs ago, shirts should be professionally ironed and ready.

Q – I was told that a white backdrop is better for LinkedIn but then I like the cinematic look what background should I choose?
A – Background type or colour and clothing seems to be the most common questions. The selection of background should match the design of your about us page, but if you don’t have a website than consider your brand chose studio if you want a portrait that encapsulates you and your experiences, outdoor organic if you rather not look at the camera and choose a funky and different colour if you want to stand out.

Q – What is a bad headshot?
A – lol, a bad headshot is one that the customer doesn’t like… I believe a bad headshot to be a picture of somebody with a fake smile and vacant eyes which is about 90% of headshots out there.

Q – What is a good headshot?
A – A good headshot is one that customers like… But to me a good headshot is one that makes your loved one’s smile because they recognize you.

Q – Why should we chose Art of Headshots over any other photographer?
A – Look at our portfolio and if you like it, your image will match what you see.

We specialize in headshots and have systems in place to provide something for everyone and when we miss it and we do fall short from time to time because nobody is perfect we will re-shoot at no additional cost and will do it with a smile and great intentions.

Art of Headshots photographers are passionate about people its our mission to produce portraits that will make your loved one’s smile and recognize the chore of who you are.

Linked In

Photo Editing

We send you an image where its ready to go, now you can also take a little more control of final touches with the new LinkedIn retouching service allowin an individual to crop as desired and pick a choice of final touches.

“The first thing you should do as a Social Seller is enhance your LinkedIn profile. Social seller should make sure they create a good impression before jumping in.”

-Kurt Shaver, Founder of The Sales Foundry

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