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why do I photograph so badly

“I want you to know that I hate getting my photos taken”, often are the first few words clients say upon entering my room.  “…  It’s my favorite problem to resolve, my career has been built by resolving this problem because today you are about to experience something different”, is my usual reply to people […]

Professional Profile Picture

“We are changing the word headshots to professional profile picture”, explained one of my competitors during a phone conversation about the progress of portrait photography.  This competitor which I won’t mention names is a photographer dedicated to headshots and believes the word headshot to be outdated and should be changed to professional profile pictures. I […]

Business lessons from thousand’s of headshots

Last week I was emailed by a motivational speaker who had a lot of fascinating things to say about his experiences interviewing successful people. Afterwards, I thought to myself: Wow!  Maybe, just maybe, I can write about lessons that I have learned from CEO’s, Supreme Court Justices, scientists, inventors and all of the thousands of […]

Method Acting Headshots

“The secret to moving the passions in others is to be moved oneself” said Aristotle and then he added “that moving oneself is made possible by bringing to the fore visions of experiences from life”.   I wonder, why wouldn’t any actor want to bring to the fore vision of his or her experiences in the casting […]

Hamed Shahbazi Session

A headshot Session with Hamed Shahbazi. A great portrait goes far beyond the ink on the paper or the shiny precious metals lighting up our monitors; it’s an emotional document of a person’s heart and soul. This approach for producing headshots has awarded me the privilege of interviewing outstanding people who are shaping our world. […]