Hugo Chavez

November 15, 2009

carlos alberto taylhardat

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Naval Captain 25yrs and an addition 30 yrs as a diplomat for the Venezuelan Government, Carlos Alberto Taylhardat

Hugo Chavez

I am often asked by friends about Hugo Chavez the infamous Venezuelan leader that has become internationally know for his criticism of George W. Bush.
During those days that people hated Bush a lot sympathy for this bizarre leader arose. Admiration toward Fidel Castro’s surviving capabilities have also been quickly passed onto the Venezuelan President.
He has been a leader now, for 12 yrs. Longer than both World Wars, has his communist regime improved the life of those living in poverty?
In North America we speak of privatization, which is the terminology used for an agency formerly government ran – sold to an entrepreneur. Venezuela’s word is Nationalization. Legal robbery, when the Venezuelan government is angry at a powerful opponent and seazes all of their goods in the name of Communism.
Another issue Hugo Chavez has been addressing is crime, making Caracas the most dangerous city in the world.
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