How to Choose Headshots photographer if you are an actor

July 6, 2010


Professional Headshots illustrate the person’s aura. Look at some of your favorite stars and their portraits, like Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, George Clooney etc… Their images illustrate a glimpse of their souls, personality and vivacious unique traits.

When choosing a photographer to capture your professional image. See if the images being showcased gravitate to you? Do they reach you? Do you get an emotional response to the photograph?

A casting agent has to choose you above all the other people’s Headshots, they may have to choose one brown haired 20 yrs old, Caucasian out of hundreds of images. How much money, and time did you dedicate to be trained and then granted that opportunity of showcassing your headshot for his or her discretion on a possible role?

When looking at a photographers website portfolio, decide if those images gravitate to you? If they do? Your own image might equally gravitate to the agent looking for someone to audition for a given role.

A Headshot for casting should illustrate an emotion, a feeling and passion.



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