Henry Ford Headshot

September 17, 2013

Henry Ford headshot captured by Fred Hartsook in 1919.  Needless to say, Henry Ford industrialized the automobile industry, making him one of the richest Man alive in his lifetime.  His intense commitment to lowering costs by building an assembly line, building a franchise system that put dealerships throughout every major City in the World.  Street smart education, vision, creativity and determination are qualities admired by business industry analyst and scholars.

Henry ford 1919This portrait was photographed by Fred Hartsook who is an outstanding photographer, please standby for my blog regarding Fred Hartsook’s work.  To appreciate this portrait of Henry Ford, or Fred Hartsook work one only needs to do is match his portraits of Henry Ford vs any other photographer who also captured the portrait of Henry Ford.

Some of you know that most of my photography work stems from the admiration of a portrait captured by Steve McCurry called the Afghan Girl.  Was the cover of the National Geographic a number of times and will be again, since people will buy issues out of curiosity of that magnificent portrait.  Just like the Afghan Girl, this Portrait of Henry Ford  showcases essence, a message, his bio.  For that reason I call it a headshot, as it contains the fundamentals for an effective business headshot.

Would like to hear from my readers regarding Henry Ford’s Portrait?  What does it say to you?

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